PCARC yearly dues are $25 and are due in October of each year. You can now e-transfer your dues to “dues(at)”. They will be auto-deposited into our account and we will receive a notification.

Just log in to your on-line banking and initiate the transfer as you would any other. You do not need to provide a secret question/answer. Please include your name/callsign in the notes.

PCARC Membership

Alan HoggVE1HGG
Bill MacGillivaryVE1CHU
Brendan CormierVE1BTC
Doug FraserVE1ECL
Heather RussellVE1ECO
John OrrittVA1JON
Juanita MacKinnon
Kevin KehoeVE1KK
Mark LevyVE1MCL
Ray Baines*VE1BFW
Scott HaleVE1AFN
Dave KellyVE1VFO
Dewaine GillieVA1DWG
Mike GourdVE1XB
James McMurrayVE3BDI
Tony RussellVE1AWR
Rob FultonVA1FUL
Julie HughesVE1USE