The callsign VE1JCF was selected in memory of Jim Feit, a past President of the Pictou County Amateur Radio Club who passed away while in office. It will be a constant reminder of Jim and his work in the community. He was very involved with many organizations in Pictou County and Nova Scotia.

VE1JCF is located in the Nova Scotia Integrated Mobile Radio System building on Rocky Mountain in Pictou County, 183 meters above sea level. The facility is owned by the Government of Nova Scotia and has generator backup power.

Our system includes VHF voice and APRS. The VHF voice system is centered around a General Electric Repeater transmitting approximately 50 watts on 147.015(+) MHz. At present this system is not linked.

All of our VHF equipment is fed to the provincial grid antennas located at the top of a 117 meter tower, or 300 meters above sea level.

Here are some photos of the site (click to enlarge):