VE1HR is located in the Nova Scotia Integrated Mobile Radio System building on Maclellan’s Mountain in Pictou County, 229 metres above sea level. The facility is owned by the Government of Nova Scotia and has generator backup power.

Our system includes VHF voice, UHF voice linking, and VHF packet. The VHF voice system is centered around an Arcom RC-210 controller and an Icom IC-RP1520 repeater transmitting approximately 20W on 146.760(-) MHz. A switchable link provides voice connectivity to most of the Maritime Provinces via the MAVCOM UHF link system.

Our VHF packet LAN operates as VE1HR-1 on 147.540 MHz and connects to the backbone network via VE1HR on 145.010 MHz.

The repeater and other sensitive electronics are protected by an Uninterruptible Power Supply in order to prevent issues associated with power interruptions.

All of our VHF equipment is fed to the provincial grid antennas located at the top of the tower, 299 meters above sea level. The UHF link radios are fed to 2 UHF beams located approximately halfway up the tower.

Here is an annotated photo of the VE1HR equipment stack:


VE1HR End-user Codes

#12 – Say Outside Temperature

#33 – Test User Audio

Enter #33, unkey > Controller says “Ready” > Transmit audio, unkey > Audio will play back

#38 – Say Date
#39 – Say Time

#90 – DTMF Test
Enter #90xyz, where “xyz” is up to 16 DTMF digits, unkey > DTMF will read back

#94 – Say high and low temperatures for the day. Resets at 12 a.m.
#95 – Say high and low temperatures for the week. Resets at 12 a.m. on Monday
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