Our Origins

Origins of the PCARC

On November 4, 1948, eleven Pictou County radio amateurs met at the home of Jim McNabb VE1DZ in Trenton to discuss plans for organizing an amateur radio club. At that meeting Jim McNabb VE1DZ, Joe Miller VE1UK and Gus Chisholm VE1TX were appointed as a committee to draw up a constitution and by-laws for an Amateur Radio Club.

On December 2, 1948, twelve Pictou County amateurs met at the home of Joe Miller VE1UK to hear and discuss the constitution and by-laws drawn up by the committee. At this meeting a club was formed, to be known as the Pictou County Amateur Radio Club.



First officers elected:
Position Name Callsign
President Jim McNabb VE1DZ
Vice-President Gus Chisholm VE1TX
Secretary-Treasurer Mack Hattie VE1NL
Activities Manager Joe Miller VE1UK
Charter members:
Name Callsign
Jim McNabb VE1DZ
Roy Ford VE1HR
Joe Miller VE1UK
Gus Chisholm VE1TX
John Carlos VE1RE
Mack Hattie VE1NL
Vernon Bonvie VE1YP
Al Haggart VE1TC
Alex Cunningham VE1EU
Doug Stallard VE1PG
Ed MacKean VE1OZ
Earl Cameron VE1ZD
Gil MacBeth VE1SY
Lawson Fulton VE1UW
Dr. Blackett VE1AZ