Port Bickerton Lighthouse Activation

Port Bickerton Lighthouse Activation

Billy (VE1AAO) wrote a book “Memoirs of a Lightkeeper’s Son” which chronicles the five years he spent on St. Paul island where his father, Fred, was the lightkeeper. In 1960 the family moved to Port Bickerton where Fred was the lightkeeper until 1977.

On July 13 the Pictou County Amateur Radio Club (PCARC) and the Maritime Lighthouse Amateur Radio Group (MLARG) will set up antennas at the Port Bickerton lighthouse and operate for approximately 48 hours. The activation is dedicated to Fred.

Port Bickerton is listed as CAN-404 and CAN-1286 by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS). The callsign VE1UW will be used.

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The Nova Scotia Lighthouse preservation society may be involved in the activation.

Here is a link to a drone video: